Hammered Teardrop Earrings in Sterling Silver with Diamonds

style# SE091DIA

Adorn yourself with the quiet elegance of these oversized teardrop earrings in 925 silver. The light, ethereal frame of silver in the teardrop shape will naturally elongate your neck. Wear them with an updo, or swept back hair, and enjoy the gentle sway of these earrings against your neck. The subtle hammering of their surface will capture and reflect the light and add to their natural movement.
•Sterling Silver
•Gemstones: Diamond
•Diamond Carat weight: .06
•Length: 2.91" Width: 1.41"

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Gold and Diamonds. Like bread and water, they possess a material intuitiveness to be paired. Their mix mastery is an unexhausted exploration of art, sculpture and beauty.

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