9-Stone Bangle in 18K Gold with Diamonds

style# GB382DIA

The designer’s background in sculpture is on full display in the silhouette of this bangle, one of our most enduring and beloved. Cast from a wax model shaped by hand, this 18K gold bangle features a textured surface and nine artfully placed diamonds in different sizes, set in sculptural bezels, for a total of 1.72ctw. Foundational for any stack and eminently wearable, this is a staple that will accompany you for the rest of your life.
•18K Gold
•Gemstones: Diamond
• Diamond Carat Weight: 1.72
• Width: 2.63"

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Gold and Diamonds. Like bread and water, they possess a material intuitiveness to be paired. Their mix mastery is an unexhausted exploration of art, sculpture and beauty.

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