Small Teardrop Earrings in Sterling Silver SE118TFCQMOPLP

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      These vibrant earrings in 925 silver are enriched by a single triplet shaped as a teardrop. Mother-of-pearl adds iridescence to the intense blue of lapis covered by rock crystal that is hand cut with the distinctive Rock Candy® facets to make the most of the natural brilliance of the gem. Wear these earrings to add a dash of color to any look.
      • Sterling Silver
      • Gemstones: Mother-of-Pearl, Lapis
      • Length: 1.29" Width: .59"
      rock crystal,i/api8g1qvn__61218.jpg,/rock-candy-teardrop-earrings-sterling-silver-rock-crystal-se118;hematite,m/apihuxjtu__78393.jpg,/wonderland-mini-teardrop-earrings-in-sterling-silver-se118;mother-of-pearl,h/apik0gjgm__32649.jpg,/rock-candy-teardrop-earrings-sterling-silver-mother-pearl-se118;turquoise,a/apirus6hc__58022.jpg,/rock-candy-teardrop-earrings-in-sterling-silver-se118;onyx,t/apijtfsqd__22136.jpg,/rock-candy-teardrop-earrings-sterling-silver-onyx-se118;tfcqmoplp,u/apiskzttg__15752.jpg,/rock-candy-teardrop-earrings-sterling-silver-lapis-se118;turquoise,n/apibthnu7__68417.jpg,/rock-candy-teardrop-earrings-sterling-silver-turquoise-se118|18K Gold,/medium-teardrop-earrings-in-18k-gold-dyed-green-agate-ge350
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