Double Teardrop Earrings in 18K Gold GE1546NX

    STYLE# GE1546NX
    These bold and feminine earrings feature two teardrops in black onyx framed in delicately shaped 18K gold. The stones are polished to create a sleek surface that enhances their natural color, in a stunning interplay with the warm hue of the precious metal. The two drops create a sense of movement, accompanying you throughout the evening with undeniable sophistication.
    • 18K Gold
    • Gemstones: Onyx
    • Length: 3.1" Width: .5"
    black shell,x/api1qqtr0__50396.jpg,/polished-rock-candy-teardrop-earrings-18k-gold-black-shell-ge1546;mother-of-pearl,w/apiz2vcqt__68691.jpg,/polished-rock-candy-teardrop-earrings-18k-gold-mother-pearl-ge1546;turquoise,k/api6co58b__54204.jpg,/polished-rock-candy-teardrop-earrings-18k-gold-turquoise-ge1546
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