Crazy 8's 3-Stone Drop Earrings in 18K Gold GE616TQSL

      STYLE# GE616TQSL
      These superb earrings will make a statement on any occasion, thanks to their sculptural silhouette framed in 18K gold with three drops of different shapes in stunning turquoise. The stones, flaunting their characteristic veining, are mined in Kingman, Arizona, where some of the most beautiful and sought-after varieties are found.
      • 18K Gold
      • Gemstones: Turquoise
      • Length: 2.36"
      • Width: 0.83"
      black shell,b/api7rmzxo__48258.jpg,/polished-rock-candy-crazy-8-earrings-18k-gold-black-shell-ge616;dahlia,h/apihdfgge__72437.jpg,/crazy-8-s-earrings-in-18k-gold-dahlia-ge616;mother-of-pearl,v/apigjzio1__55418.jpg,/crazy-8-s-clip-earrings-in-18k-gold-ge616;mother-of-pearl,o/apizpvv8n__63783.jpg,/polished-rock-candy-crazy-8-earrings-18k-gold-mother-pearl-ge616;onyx,f/apig18jc2__99554.jpg,/polished-rock-candy-crazy-8-earrings-18k-gold-onyx-ge616;turquoise,t/apiskd8k8__66104.jpg,/polished-rock-candy-crazy-8-s-post-earrings-in-18k-gold-ge616
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