OY/YO Charm in 18K Gold GN1561CZ


Ippolita’s second collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum features the work of artist Deborah Kass, known for her vibrant yellow OY/YO sculpture. Her sculpture has become a cultural representation of New York as it showcases the city’s universal slang with the twinned words oy (a Yiddish exclamation of alarm or bother) and yo (an omnipresent New York greeting). The charms are available in limited edition at the Brooklyn Museum, and our Madison Avenue boutique with all of the proceeds going to the Brooklyn Museum.

• 18K Gold
• Gemstones: Cubic Zirconia
• Depth: 0.31"
• Length: 1.66"
• Width: 0.72"
GN1257-PA>DEFAULT>cherish-station-necklace-18k-gold-gn1257,GN1561CZ-PA>CUBIC ZIRCONIA>oy-yo-charm-in-18k-gold-gc271
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