4-Bead Snowman Earrings in 18K Gold GE2042TQGM

Four turquoise spheres of different sizes create a lively cluster in these 18K gold stud earrings. IPPOLITA sources the stone in the historic mine of Kingman, Arizona, where some of the most beautiful and prized turquoise in the world comes from. The one-of-a-kind veining adds a precious accent and makes these earrings only yours.
• 18K Gold
• Gemstones: Gold-Matrix Turquoise
• Length: 0.89"
• Width: 0.74"
GE2042PRL-PA>PEARL>nova-4-bead-snowman-earring-in-18k-gold-ge2042,GE2042PRLCLIP-PA>PEARL>nova-4-bead-snowman-clip-earring-in-18k-gold-ge2042,GE2042RIV-PA>RIVIERA SKY>18k-nova-4-bead-snowman-earring-with-omega-and-post-in-riviera-sky-gb2042,GE2042TQGM-PA>TURQUOISE>nova-4-bead-snowman-earring-turquoise-in-18k-gold-ge2042
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