Lollitini 3-Stone Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver SE2107MARITIME

      A Blue topaz, a hematite doublet, and a dark turquoise doublet in graduating sizes are cut by hand and set in textured 925 silver bezels, as the three drops in these earrings. The vibrant shades of blue of the gems go from light to dark to azure, evoking a marine setting and capturing the light, thanks to their facets, exclusively designed by Ippolita.
      • Sterling Silver
      • Colorway: Maritime
      • Gemstones: Blue Topaz, Rock Crystal, Hematite, and Medium Turquoise
      • Length: 1.57"
      • Width: 0.44"
      turquoise,b/apiodlhst__18903.jpg,/lollitini-3-stone-drop-earrings-in-sterling-silver-in-turquoise-se2107;eclipse,f/apiyzii86__17901.jpg,/lollipop-small-lollitini-earrings-sterling-silver-eclipse-se2107;multi,h/apiboywrb__01710.jpg,/lollipopr-lollitini-3-stone-drop-earrings-in-multi-in-sterling-silver-se2107;waterfall,n/api6djvgn__65499.jpg,/925-lollipop-lollitini-3-stone-drop-earrings-in-waterfall;hematite,s/298/SE2107DFHEMHEM__65094.jpg,/lollitini-3-stone-drop-earrings-in-sterling-silver-hematite;onyx,b/258/SE2107NX__84535.jpg,/lollitini-3-stone-drop-earrings-in-sterling-silver-onyx|18K Gold,/lollipop-earrings-in-18k-gold-multi-ge1529
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