Small Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver with Diamonds SE1148DFMOPDIA

      Combining the iridescence of a mother-of-pearl doublet and the sparkle of a diamond surround (.27ctw), these 925 silver stud earrings are a timeless addition to your outfit, easily paired with either day or evening attire. The doublet is cut by hand with the exclusive facets of the Lollipop® collection: tiny enough to follow the curve of the stone and artfully random to catch the eye.
      • Sterling Silver
      • Gemstones: Mother-of-Pearl
      • Diamond Carat Weight: .29
      • Length: .51" Width: .51"
      african ruby,s/apicr7gzl__34187.jpg,/lollipopr-stud-earrings-with-diamonds-african-ruby-in-sterling-silver-se1148;hematite,p/apimtc7ut__64438.jpg,/lollipop-stud-earrings-sterling-silver-hematite-diamond-se1148;mother-of-pearl,f/apiobujyu__76755.jpg,/lollipop-stud-earrings-sterling-silver-mother-pearl-diamond-se1148;turquoise,q/apiwiby5k__51640.jpg,/lollipop-stud-earrings-in-sterling-silver-with-diamonds-se1148
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