Small Ring in 18K Gold with Diamonds GR342NXDIA

      Gold, with its warm glow, and sparkling diamonds enclose a single black onyx in this timeless ring. The gem is individually selected for its intensity of color and cut by hand with the tiny and slightly uneven facets of the Lollipop® collection, surrounded by .18ctw of diamonds and enclosed in an 18K gold bezel.
      •18K Gold
      •Gemstones: Onyx, Diamond
      •Diamond Carat weight: .18
      •Stone Width: .51
      mother-of-pearl,w/apibfvtn1__37844.jpg,/mini-lollipop-ring-in-18k-gold-with-diamonds-mother-of-pearl-gr342;london blue topaz,b/apiglzzxz__09794.jpg,/lollipop-mini-ring-18k-gold-diamonds-london-blue-topaz-gr342;mother-of-pearl,c/apibrbdog__12293.jpg,/lollipop-mini-ring-18k-gold-diamonds-mother-pearl-gr342;default,k/apivivbjr__85563.jpg,/lollipop-mini-ring-18k-gold-diamonds-swiss-blue-topaz-gr342;turquoise,k/apiajcquv__40341.jpg,/lollipop-mini-ring-18k-gold-diamonds-turquoise-gr342
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