Lollitini Long Necklace in 18K Gold GN618X36WATRFAL2

      The Lollitini is an iconic IPPOLITA style, with its colorful, candy-shaped stones. This long necklace in 18K gold features round Swiss blue topaz, turquoise, mother-of-pearl, and amazonite in different sizes adorning a fine chain in all the shades of blue. The gems are cut by hand on both sides with the distinctively tiny and uneven facets designed by Ippolita to follow their curvature.
      • 18K Gold
      • Colorway: Waterfall
      • Gemstones: Swiss Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Rock Crystal and Mother-of-Pearl and Amazonite
      • Length: 36"
      blue topaz,e/apixut1jt__87820.jpg,/lollipop-lollitini-necklace-18k-gold-blue-topaz-gn618x36;mother-of-pearl,u/api2lmsv8__63640.jpg,/lollipop-lollitini-necklace-18k-gold-mother-pearl-gn618x36;hologem,n/apiy8o5va__17651.jpg,/lollitini-long-necklace-in-18k-gold-gn618;waterfall,b/api8takbo__18629.jpg,/lollipop-lollitini-necklace-18k-gold-watefall-gn618x36;waterfall2,r/apipqjwgg__47446.jpg,/lollipop-lollitini-necklace-in-18k-gold-waterfall-36-gn618;multi,t/apiyhofmv__46874.jpg,/lollipop-lollitini-necklace-in-18k-gold-multi-36-gn618|925 Silver,/lollipop-lollitini-necklace-sterling-silver-eclipse-sn1572x36
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