7-Stone Link Bracelet in Sterling Silver SB1468DFTQTQ

      Two turquoise gems and five doublets in turquoise and multi-faceted rock crystal in various sizes create the lively decoration of a fine 925 silver chain in this bracelet. Each stone is faceted on both sides, so no matter the angle, they will always show their "best" side. Add this bracelet to your stack of gold and silver bangles, for a dash of color.
      • Sterling Silver
      • Gemstones: Rock Crystal and Turquoise
      turquoise,r/apip3y60u__78361.jpg,/lollipop-7-stone-link-bracelet-in-sterling-silver-sb1468-turquoise;eclipse,j/apiu6bktz__19247.jpg,/lollipop-bracelet-sterling-silver-eclipse-sb1468;maritime,s/apigk0nac__46472.jpg,/7-stone-link-bracelet-in-sterling-silver-maritime-sb1468;hematite,a/506/SB1468DFHEMHEM__50883.jpg,/7-stone-link-bracelet-in-sterling-silver-hematite;onyx,d/903/SB1468NX__77581.jpg,/7-stone-link-bracelet-in-sterling-silver-onyx|18K Gold,/lollipop-7-stone-link-bracelet-in-18k-gold-gb568
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