Discover Your Style

Personal style is your statement to the world. Are you 6 months ahead of the coolest trends? Have you streamlined your look into a pared-back equation? Find your style below and see what your persona says about you.

Style #1

The Provocateur

You are a statement-maker who doesn’t shy away from attention. In style and in life, you seek vibrancy at every turn and believe brighter is always better. Flash is your favorite thing and you go for bold, chunky and colorful jewelry—whether it’s layers of necklaces or bangles stacked high. 


Style #2

The Classicist

Your mantra is “minimal and meaningful”. You are particular and precise in everything you do, and your style is no different. Instead of fussing with trends, you gravitate towards pieces that are understated but beautiful. Your jewelry is mostly sentimental and includes family heirlooms.


Style #3

The Powerhouse

You’re the modern working woman, to the nth degree. From negotiating your next big deal to power lunching with techies, your purposeful wardrobe goes from day to night and works as hard as you do. Clean, structured styles are your go-to and your jewelry compliments your go-getter attitude.


Style #4

The Eclectic

You’re a woman of culture and all about the mix. As a city girl who loves to try new things, you’re often spotted touring the newest gallery or scoring a table at the latest hotspot. Your style reflects your avant-garde spirit and you live for bold accessories and artful jewelry finds.


Style #5

The Instaglammer

You’re a social media superstar and a woman on the move. For you, life is a constant status update. Your style revolves around your youthfulness and passion for the latest and greatest. Always a step ahead of the trends, you add a twist to everything and your jewelry is just as cool.


Style #6

The Cosmopolitan

You are accustomed to luxury and live the first-class life. As a worldly jet-setter, you always fly private to your favorite destinations. Your style is glamorous, sometimes opulent, but still refined. You never shy away from a fabulous piece of jewelry and love diamonds for daytime.