Rock Candy®

Hero Gelato Hinge Bangle in 18K Gold

style# GB870HOLOGEM

The all-around gems that adorn this 18K hinged bangle are hand cut with the larger-than normal, artfully random facets of the Rock Candy® collection, bringing out the natural vibrancy of the stones. Swiss blue topaz, dark amethyst, blue topaz, rock crystal, green gold citrine, London blue topaz, and dyed green agate alternate with a milky tanzanite cabochon creating a pastel color palette of undeniable charm.
• 18K Gold
• Colorway: Hologem
• Gemstones: Swiss Blue Topaz, Dark Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Milky Tanzanite Cabochon, Rock Crystal, Green Gold Citrine, London Blue Topaz, and Dyed Green Agate

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