Gelato Multi Stone Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver SB1218MARITIME

      Glowing in all the shades of the sea, this 925 silver bangle is a stunning match for your favorite blue outfit. The organic profile of the metal is adorned by a series of stations in various shapes and sizes where blue topaz, hematite doublets, medium turquoise doublets, and medium turquoise are cut by hand with the large and purposely uneven facets of the Rock Candy® collection.
      • Sterling Silver
      • Colorway: Maritime
      • Gemstones: Medium Turquoise, Rock Crystal, Hematite, and Blue Topaz
      eclipse,p/api3o3etz__17507.jpg,/rock-candy-gelato-10-stone-bangle-in-sterling-silver-sb1218;flirt,x/apiprtqll__09288.jpg,/rock-candy-bangle-sterling-silver-flirt-sb1218;liolet,f/apiztd2fg__79362.jpg,/rock-candyr-gelato-10-stone-bangle-in-liolet-in-sterling-silver-sb1218;maritime,e/apinzhct8__74129.jpg,/gelato-10-stone-bangle-in-sterling-silver-sb1218;multi,w/apidvgc2h__21546.jpg,/rock-candyr-gelato-10-stone-bangle-in-multi-in-sterling-silver-sb1218;polaris,p/apiumjrre__91268.jpg,/gelato-10-stone-bangle-in-sterling-silver-polaris-sb1218;waterfall,x/apid9sxby__05321.jpg,/925-rock-candy-gelato-10-stone-bangle-in-waterfall|18K Gold,/rock-candy-bangle-18k-gold-flirt-gb486
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