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Hero Gelato Bangle in 18K Gold


Color:Summer Rainbow
The IPPOLITA signature stone cuts get a workout in this all-around stone bangle in bright, vivacious colors. The gemstones featured in this 18K gold bangle are rock crystal and mother-of-pearl doublet, pink opal, composite ruby, amethyst, blue topaz, turquoise, chrysoprase, peridot, lemon and orange citrine, and orange carnelian. Each stone is enclosed in a handcrafted gold bezel that hugs its curves and facets, adding the warm glow of the metal to the cool hues of the gems.
•18K Gold
•Gemstones: Rock Crystal and Mother-of-Pearl Doublet, Pink Opal, Composite Ruby, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Chrysoprase, Peridot, Lemon Citrine, Orange Citrine, Orange Carnelian

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