Carnevale Ring in Sterling Silver with Diamonds SR975DFMDICP

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      The exterior of the shank and bezel of this luminous 925 silver ring are covered with ceramic for a vibrant dash of color. The dazzle of diamonds and the delicate shimmer of a mother-of-pearl and rock crystal doublet make this ring a joy to wear.

      • Sterling Silver
      • Gemstones: Rock Crystal, Mother-of-Pearl, Diamond
      • Diamond Carat Weight: .16
      • Stone Length: .27" Width: .22"
      coral,z/apixgt5vr__93002.jpg,/carnevale-ring-in-sterling-silver-with-diamonds-sr975-coral;black,r/apicxos3h__49350.jpg,/carnevale-ring-in-sterling-silver-with-diamonds-sr975-black;green,c/apihbhp2j__45359.jpg,/carnevale-ring-in-sterling-silver-with-diamonds-sr975-emerald;red,k/apibnd5j6__95294.jpg,/carnevale-ring-in-sterling-silver-with-diamonds-sr975-red;yellow,l/apinffjxz__84453.jpg,/carnevale-ring-in-sterling-silver-with-diamonds-sr975-yellow;turquoise,i/apih5tjij__85213.jpg,/carnevale-ring-in-sterling-silver-with-diamonds-sr975-turquoise|18K Gold,/carnevale-ring-in-18k-gold-with-diamonds-gr820-coral
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