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CHARMED, links together seven of the most important female artists working today for a unique collaborative piece of jewelry-art: Laurie Simmons, Shirin Neshat, Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Feinstein, Mickalene Thomas, and Wangechi Mutu.
Price available upon request. On view at our Madison Avenue boutique.
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Photo: Victor Prado
  • rachel feinstein

    "I've always loved the sentimentality and femininity of wearing a charm bracelet."

    Working primarily as a sculptor, Rachel Feinstein is known for a fanciful aesthetic that draws on the iconography of European art and culture from the sixteenth, seventeeth and eighteenth centuries.

  • wangechi mutu

    "I am aware of the complexity of being an immigrant - albeit one with visibility and voice. 'Pretty double headed' were the words I used to describe that feeling of being from two places, two mindsets and two worlds all in one."

    Born and raised in Kenya, Wangechi Mutu has worked in New York for almost twenty years. Her art spans performance, collage-paintings, video, and sculpture, and delves into gender and racial identity, unlocking a dialogue on perception.

  • shirin neshat

    “I’ve always related to jewelry as an art form that gives women a unique sense of style and identity...It’s particularly meaningful to create a small charm that in its modesty of scale, can be a fusion in between my artistic vision and my passion for jewelry.”

    Shirin Neshat is an Iranian-born artist and filmmaker living in New York. Her early photographic work explored the question of gender. Her subsequent video works departed from political content or critique in favor of more poetic imagery and narratives

  • cindy sherman

    “There’s something so comforting about collecting freshly laid eggs, each one slightly different yet sublime...Wear it around your wrist on a bracelet, a symbol of fertility and femininity—and now art.”

    Cindy Sherman is a photographer and film director, whose transformative self-portraits are largely concerned with concepts of femininity.

  • laurie simmons

    “My mother wore a charm bracelet that told the story of her life. My father bought her a charm for every occasion—anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays— until the bracelet was filled.”

    Part of the Pictures Generation, Laurie Simmons is an internationally recognized artist, known since the 1970’s for her staged photographic works.

  • mickalene thomas

    “The lips and eyes in my paintings are always encrusted seductively with rhinestones. The lips signify the luscious aspects of a beautiful woman. I wanted to gift that to the world.”

    Mickalene Thomas is a visual artist, filmmaker and curator. She is known for paintings that combine art-historical, political, and pop-cultural references to explore complex notions.


    "My charm plays with the ideas of desire, charisma, and value. It's 'on the money' and attached to you."

    Barbara Kruger is a conceptual artist whose graphic works combining images from mass media and confrontational texts challenge cultural constructions.

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